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Located in Markham, Ontario’s business center, Equity Associates Inc. has been operating since March 2003. We have experienced incredible growth and success in the 14 years since our establishment. As we continue to thrive, our emphasis remains on catering to the needs and independence of our Advisors.

At Equity Associates, we focus on providing exceptional service and support to Partners who wish to control their business and their future. Our Partners are also Equity Associates Shareholders; they have purchased ownership in the firm, and they have material status in our company. Our Partners are owners, and our unique sales provision ensures that the firm will never be sold without their approval. This initiative creates an exclusive, high-end boutique dealership built on long-term stability and oriented towards the needs of our Partners.

Equity Associates rewards growth and success. We operate under a fixed payout model, in which Advisors receive 100% commissions in exchange for a fixed monthly rate.

At Equity Associates we aspire to excel in the mutual fund industry by making our Partners the priority. It is our belief that exceptional financial advisors will achieve the greatest success when they control their own futures. We make this vision a reality by giving our Partners control in every facet of our business, from company ownership to Partner-centric software. You have been successful by bringing knowledge and experience to your business; it would illogical to place restrictions on the qualities which have caused your business to thrive.

Partner-Centric Structure

We foster Partner independence and control by implementing:

  • Partner Ownership. Equity Associates Partners are owners. Sale of the company requires 75% Partner approval.
  • Fixed Payout Model. Partners receive the full value of their commissions in exchange for a monthly fixed payout which will not increase as your business grows.
  • Board of Directors Representation. Two Partners are elected to the Board of Directors to represent the needs of all Partners. Board Committees provide a forum for Associate Partners to contribute their expertise.
  • Partner-Centric Software. Our account management software is stream-lined, detail-oriented, and user-friendly. The W.Connect Dashboard is designed specifically for Partners, and makes reviewing accounts on an individual or collective basis easy and comprehensive, 
  • Full Back-Office Support. Our experienced staff provides extensive training and strives to make our operations, policies, and procedures as transparent as possible.

Strong, Experienced Leadership

Bob Goodish, CEO brings over 22 years of senior management experience in the mutual funds industry and mutual fund dealerships. Bob’s innovative, shareholder-oriented approach to mutual fund dealerships pioneers a structure of stability and control, ensuring that the needs of Partners are consistently met.

When you join Equity Associates Inc. you control your future and ensure your independence.

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