Compliance Philosophy

Our Mission

We strive to promote a culture of compliance that harmonizes with the Partners’ business and builds customer trust.

Compliance plays a critical role in the mutual fund industry. A successful culture of compliance is achieved when the Partners have a compliant practice that builds client trust and reduces risk exposure. It is our objective to continue to foster such a culture in order to conduct business in a way that is ethical and transparent.

Compliance with Transparency and Quality

Exceptional compliance can only be achieved with exceptional service.

Our head office compliance structure complements the independence of our Partners’ businesses. Our Compliance Officers will take the time to learn and understand your business. We will help you build a strong and fair culture of compliance within your established practice. We will always provide full compliance support. We will assist you with all compliance matters and ensure you are equipped to navigate our industry’s regulatory regime.

Our compliance policies and procedures are clearly documented in our Compliance Policy and Procedures Manual.  Overview training and pre-audits are also available to help new Partners understand and become familiar with internal policies and procedures.


Components of our Compliance System

Head Office Compliance Staff

Equity Associates has established a compliance team with the primary purpose of supporting our Partners’ businesses.  The team will conduct the required daily supervision reviews, review and approve marketing materials, assist in inquiries, and most importantly, support Partners in understanding compliance and regulatory requirements.

Our experienced Compliance team is at your disposal. We provide extensive training for our new Partners and offer ongoing support that is tailored to your needs. Compliance Policies and Procedures are comprehensive and exceed industry standards:

  • All Partners are kept up-to-date on new compliance issues.
  • Comprehensive procedures are in place for daily checking of trades, trust account deposits, and balancing all of the trades.
  • Our experienced Compliance Team provides coaching and compliance maintenance for all new Partners.
  • Annual compliance audits are conducted by experienced, independent professionals. Overview training and pre-audits are also available to assist new Partners.

Support Materials

Comprehensive compliance policies and procedures are available for all Partners upon joining Equity Associates. The Compliance Policy and Procedures Manual documents Equity Associates’ implementation of regulatory requirements and details internal policies and processes.

Regulatory Compliance News Letters and Notices are provided to Partners to ensure they are current with requirements and changes.

Operating Platforms

Equity Associates also provides a complete back office system to support its Partners’ success:

  • Transaction Processing Software
    Winfund software provides all Partners with a secure, Web-based interface for daily transaction and client reporting functions.
  • Client Management Software
    W.Connect software facilitates comprehensive, environmentally-sustainable client registration and account management. W.Connect’s user-friendly interface is detail-oriented and streamlined, providing extensive control and accessibility for our Partners.
  • Partner Services
    A team of highly trained individuals are responsible for solving any problems that arise, to minimize administration time of the Partners.

 Trade Suitability

Daily trade supervision is conducted on a 2 tier structure.  Partners without an in house Branch Manager will be provided with a designated head office Branch Manager to conduct the first tier of supervision.

Paper flow

Equity Associates has implemented an image work flow system to allow for fast and effective communication between Head Office and our Partners’ offices.  This speeds up new account opening approvals and ensures the quality of our data.

Client Statements

Equity Associates sends out annual and quarterly statements, as per our regulatory responsibility.


At least once every three years, Branch and Sub Branches will be subject to an internal Compliance Review.  Our Compliance Staff will take the time to understand our Partners’ Businesses and respect their office during our visit.  A full audit report will be provided for the Partners with clear instructions on how to address deficiencies; partners are not left on their own to decipher compliance.

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