Partner Reserve

“We will jointly with our Partners develop a manufacturing division in order to create value added products for clients with no extra cost. The major difference is that the majority of the product offering will be owned by all of the Partners as opposed the major shareholders at the head office.”

The success of Equity Associates is dependent upon the success of the Partners Reserve. A successful Partners Reserve Co. will provide the following benefits for our Partners:

  • An incredible rate of return on their investment in Equity Associates
  • A steady stream of income from dividend payments
  • A sizable asset to sell when they retire.

The Partners Reserve initiative separates us from our competition, and helps to define the uniqueness of Equity Associates. It will become the largest incentive for prospective Partners to join our Company.

Our Business Premise ensures that together with our Partners we will own a company that: 

  • creates value added products for clients 
  • creates additional value in your planning business and Equity Associates
  • offers meaningful equity ownership in a sizable company in a high margin industry
  • provides a fundamental and growing rate of return

Investment Units

Investment Units

Each Investment Unit is a standalone entity that owns and operates a particular line of business: Insurance, Mortgages, Investments Funds, and Banking. At Equity Associates Inc. Investment Units are requested and approved by the Partners.





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