Reserve Series

A Unique Investment Opportunity

Equity Associates is pleased to announce a unique investment opportunity for our clients. Working with one of Canada’s premier institutional investment management companies- Connor, Clark & Lunn Financial Group- we have created the Reserve Series, available exclusively to clients of Equity Associates.

This investment opportunity provides investors with a variety of options structured to meet their current and future investment management needs. In addition to a premium money market fund, the Reserve Series offers managed portfolios that are diversified across multiple asset classes, industry sectors, investment managers and geographic regions. Diversification helps manage risk while maintaining the optimal balance in your portfolio. The asset mix for each portfolio is routinely monitored. The mix may be adjusted from time to time to reflect changes in the capital markets so that the portfolio continues to meet its objectives.

Each portfolio represents an efficient risk/return combination.

Key features are:

  • Dynamic and actively managed asset allocation
  • Diversification across multiple asset classes
  • Portfolio is continually monitored and rebalanced

The Equity Associates Advantage – The Reserve Series

Connor, Clark & Lunn (CC&L) makes its portfolios available to individual investors for accounts over $100,000.

Through The Reserve Series, clients of Equity Associates can access these same portfolios for a minimum investment of only $10,000 per account.

Furthermore, investors in The Reserve Series will be entitled to a fee rebate* based on the value of their investment for all portfolios except the Money Market Fund. The larger the account size, the larger the rebate to which an investor will be entitled. The Reserve Series ensures that as the individual investor’s account grows, the fees they pay for investment management declines.

With an MER of 2.40% (excluding GST) for the portfolios (1.0% excluding GST for the Money Market Fund), The Reserve Series is already priced fairly. But, since the rebate increases as the account size grows, the benefits add up quickly. Equity Associates and CC&L recognize that larger accounts should be entitled to a reduced fee. The chart below lists the rebates available to clients with larger account sizes.

Equity Associates created the Reserve Series to address the needs of clients with as little as $10,000 to invest and structured it to reward those investors with higher net worth.
Lower account balances can now benefit from the investment expertise of CC&L while larger accounts see their fees decrease significantly as their account balance grows.

Features and Benefits

Top Institutional Managers

Previously unavailable to most investors, the CC&L Managed Portfolios have been constructed by the same investment professionals who are currently responsible for managing approximately $35 billion for institutional, pension and high net worth clients.  CC&L is one of Canada’s premier institutional pension managers and the only Canadian investment company that manages part of the Canada Pension Plan.

Broad Diversification

Each portfolio is diversified across multiple asset classes with eight distinct investment managers.  Further diversification is provided by geographic regions, investment styles, and market capitalization. Diversification is a proven way to reduce the overall risk in your portfolio.

Pure Asset Class Managers

The portfolios are overseen by eight separate specialty managers that implement a pure asset class style, a style which is associated with institutional managers.  Pure asset class management prevents manager investment overlap, and it results in better asset diversification.

Ongoing Active Asset Allocation

The portfolios are carefully monitored by a five person team on an ongoing basis and adjusted based on the fluctuations of the financial markets. Many investment programs do not provide this layer of active management and automatically allocate their assets based solely on historical data.

Flexible Portfolio Offering

CC&L Managed Portfolios offer 4 portfolios with varying levels of equity and fixed income exposure.  The portfolios are designed to provide investments suitable for very conservative investors, right through to more aggressive equity oriented investors that can tolerate more investment risk.

Reducing Investment Fee Feature

The Equity Associates Reserve ensures that as your account grows, the fees you pay for investment management decline. This feature recognizes that not all accounts should be treated the same and that larger accounts should benefit from some reduction in fees.

Tax Efficiently Run Portfolios

CC&L manages Reserve Fund portfolios in a way that is similar to investments for high net worth investors that are looking for tax efficiency.  Better tax efficiency allows for higher long term performance and less taxation in non-registered accounts.

No-load Investment Fee Structure

CC&L Managed Portfolios are only offered on a no-load fee structure that gives you complete flexibility to come and go at any time with no DSC charges to your account. This structure ensures that you are not forced to continue investing with CC&L Managed Portfolios if you want to move your investments elsewhere.

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