Reserve Insurance

Partners Reserve Insurance is an initiative started by Equity Associates in 2009 to build a full-service MGA operation. The Partners Reserve Insurance is a joint venture between Equity Associate Partners and the Head Office. 

Key business objectives:

- Creating a company that is unique to the marketplace

- Launching a Canadian flat fee insurance MGA and accumulating a sizable asset for Partners to sell upon retirement.

- Providing an accelerated rate of return on investment in Equity Associates

- Generating a steady stream of income from dividend payments

Partners Reserve Insurance provides our Partners with meaningful ownership in a high margin company. Equity Associates Partners will own up to 70% of the company.

We require our Partners’ individual productions in order to qualify for MGA status at the Life Insurance Companies. We have created a bridging partnership with FasTrac Canada to meet this need.

FasTrac Canada Inc.

FasTrac Canada is a true third party insurance processing company. They deliver full service, from signed applications to delivered contracts.

FasTrac offer a cutting-edge technology platform that reduces time for our Partners and their staff.


Costs To Partner

A monthly fixed payout. This payout will include processing for 12 life/health applications annually. Additional life applications over 12 will be charged at $150 per application

Commission Payable

Partners will receive all base commission (FYC), as well as all bonus override from the Bridging Partner.

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