5 Essentials for Building a Saleable Business

Strategies for making your Business more valuable

1. CUSTODY of your Clients

Successful Advisors have worked hard for many years to establish relationships with hundreds of clients. Isn’t it bizarre that some Advisors sit idly by and watch the custody of these clients get transferred to the dealer?

Equity Associates does not encroach on the relationship between our Partners and their clients. We are firmly committed to the Client Name environment and we understand that maintaining Client Custody is the number one Essential in building a Saleable Business.

2. CONTROL over the Ownership of the Dealer

Advisors who join a dealer because of the current platform, get abandoned when the dealer is sold and new management makes changes. Stability in ownership and direction creates certainty and makes any business more valuable.

Equity Associates Partners are Shareholders and have special voting rights controlling any sale of the dealer. With this unprecedented level of control, our Partners grow their business with confidence, secure in knowing that they never have to change dealers again.

3. PORTABILITY of Client Data

The value of an Advisor’s business, is dependent upon the strength of the client relationships that have been established. In order to quantify this value, a purchaser will want tangible evidence of the success of the relationship. The best empirical proof to be offered is the client data with the trading history. If an Advisor’s data is not portable, than what does he really have to sell ?

Equity Associates has chosen the Winfund back office system, which has a solid, straight forward open architecture that allows our Partners full control over the portability of their data. We view the client data as belonging to the client, not the dealer.

4. EFFICIENT Compliance and Operations

Advisors spending too much time satisfying unreasonable compliance demands, or are subjected to an operational system fraught with inefficiencies, are running unproductive businesses.

Our job at Equity Associates in compliance is to help bulletproof our Partners business and provide a logical, efficient trading process. Our systems have been honed over the years to allow our Partners to operate profitable businesses no matter what the size.

5. INTEGRITY of the Dealership

If a prospective purchaser feels compelled to transfer dealers after the sale, this extra work and uncertainty will decrease the dollar value that he will pay. To some extent, the value of your business is tied to the reputation and integrity of the dealer.

Equity Associates works hard at earning and keeping the trust of our Partners. We provide a contractual guarantee of our unwavering independence.

When you join Equity Associates Inc. you control your
future and ensure your independence.